Can Flair Bartender’s Make Good Cocktails?

Cocktails in flair competitions have, for a long time, been a point of contention for some industry professionals. You don’t have to look very far to come across a bartender who thinks that flair bartenders can’t make very good cocktails and especially not in competitions – although we think this is partly because they can’t believe that flair bartenders can be as accurate as they are, especially considering the pouring techniques they employ! However, not to fear, we are here to correct this nonsense!

Although this may have been true of flair competitions and flair bartenders in the past, no more – certainly not under the WFA’s guidance. For a few years we have redirected the focus back on bartending for all of our competitors, reminding them that they are bartenders first and flair bartenders second. Some of the competitions wouldn’t challenge the flair bartenders: only requiring a vodka and cranberry juice with a slice of lime.

Conversely all of the WFA Grand Slams now require the bartenders to come up with their own cocktail which will then be judged on taste, presentation and aroma. This counts towards 20-25% of their final marking, making the choice of cocktail and the serve more important than ever before.

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