Flair at Roadhouse

The Roadhouse World Flair competition is the longest running and most prestigious flair competition in the world. A truly world famous location recognised as the mecca for flair bartenders world wide. Any flair bartender that has made an impact on the flair bartending scene has graced the Roadhouse stage! Come and join us and watch the pros in action every month.

What is Flair?

Flair Bartending is a form of entertainment behind the bar whilst mixing cocktails.  It involves manipulating objects, ingredients and items found behind the bar in an impressive manner.  Tom Cruise made it famous in the film Cocktail.  Now-a-days you’ll see all different types of flair bartending being used from the action-thrilling extreme to the more refined more typical of a 5 star hotel bar.

The Competition

Why is Flair so popular at Roadhouse? Many competitors will talk of the extreme pressure they feel taking to the stage. Performing in front of 500 spectators and some of the world’s best bartenders can be pretty daunting but smash that killer move and you’ll be a hero with an eruption from the crowd! Roadhouse is where bartenders become Legends!

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