Lip Sync at Roadhouse!

Take centre stage and rock the crowd with Roadhouse’s Lip Sync Battle! Become the star of your own music video and watch the crowds go wild as you perform with your very own dance troop, complete with all the VIP accessories you need for an unforgettable performance!

Choose from our winning set-list of songs from all-time star performers like Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Queen, Nirvana, Elvis and lots more! Are you ready to take on the challenge and be crowned the Lip Sync Champion where you could win £250 in prizes? The Battle will commence every Tuesday from 11th April to the 2nd May giving you the opportunity to support all the fantastic acts performing with us.

The time has come to start practising your winning solo act and put together that legendary outfit guaranteed to leave stars in their eyes! Put your name down on the guest-list or grab a delicious bite to eat before performing or supporting some of the unforgettable acts! Book with us now on 020 7240 6001 or find out more at

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